Bleeding Java
Poetry can be smooth, or bleed like hell
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Letting in the Storm

I opened up the gate latch,

freeing my lover to love me.

We ran across the street, anxious

to not be hit by the trolley.

Or ran like hell before the storm.

That wasn’t the case with us.

I let the double decker roar over,

you blaring its horn like crazy.

We heard the thunder, stood out

waiting for the rain to wash us clean.

How easy it was to get lost,

to not follow the tracks in snow

untouched like your skin for months.

I could say I didn’t see it coming,

didn’t see the light turn yellow,

the forecast warn of the cold.

It wasn’t until that night,

you pulled the fire alarm,

jerking me out of slumber.

Even then I let the house burn.

You didn’t know I had insurance,

tucked away in my phone numbers.

I cashed in my policy, leaving you

standing in the smoldering coals.

I had already packed up my valuables,

shipped away my heart and vows.

You were the one who lit the fire,

who let me know the house wasn’t home,

but I went ahead and let it burn.